SongWave - STAY

One Acchord were pleased to be asked to take part in #SongWave #SMHAF2019 as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival and the launch of the song STAY written by Clare Watson.

Song Wave have created a beautiful tribute to Scott Hutchison in recognition of his experiences with mental health issues and the legacy he left of hope and kindness – and of the importance of connecting with those around you.

On Friday 17 May, we will create a Song Wave throughout the Scottish Borders (and beyond!) that connects our local communities, young and old, by singing a new song that we work together to produce and perform.

The new song has been written as a response to one of Scott’s Frightened Rabbit songs The Loneliness and the Scream. Could you help us to produce a new song – one that reaches out a hand, that glues the community together?

The new song has been curated and arranged by Clare Watson, voice coach and singing tutor, and is titled Stay.

#SongWave #SMHAF2019