Merrily We Sing Along at the Caddy Mann

It was the end of our rehearsals and Christmas singouts for 2017 and we celebrated the Christmas season at the Caddy Mann Restaurant near Jedburgh. A warm welcome awaited us and relief all round as we learned we were to be the only customers for the evening. Perhaps we would let our hair down a little after enjoying our festive food?

And so it everyone rose to their feet and gave a rousing and ringing rendition of "If I can dream".

This was followed by various songs from the Hootie Oo's Quartet, the Baritone Section, the Basses, our 2 Musical Directors swaddled in scarves amongst other performances.

But the recitation of a poem written by one of our newest members captured the shared feeling of joining a group like ours.

Learn To Harmonise

Anne Blair Dec.17

The call went out, no need to shout,

your voices all as one,

come join our choir and harmonise,

singing having fun.

I came along, one of many

How would it be? Probably scary!

No, not at all, no need for fright

You welcomed me on that first night.

Lots to learn, flattened tongues and Widening lips,oohs and aahs!

But never ever scooping.

Stand tall and strong, Apples?

Oranges? Warm Potatoes?

I think I’m doing the shopping!

There’s tags and vowels

No wobbling jowls, expanding lungs

For endless breath and long long notes

And all done with a smile

We always try to do our best

And go that extra mile!

“I’ve joined the crowd, sang long and loud”

Yes, harmonising’s fun

So Lad and Lasses, come raise your glasses

To all in One Acchord!

Thank you for a wonderful evening to the Caddy Mann staff and to all those who were able to make it on the night.

Happy Christmas everyone and keep up the practise for our Road to Harrogate in 2018!