Busking one fine day

It was our first experience of busking as a chorus at the Edinburgh Festival on Saturday and a great success by all accounts. We had a good turnout of chorus members dressed in colour for the occasion and Nick lead us with confidence and style in his shades and new teal tartan waistcoat in a program of upbeat numbers much appreciated by our fabulous audience, many of whom turned up specially to hear us. The Royal Mile was packed with smiling faces and a buzz of excitement as we started our program and relaxed into the groove of the busking life. With sunshine and the support of friends, family and total strangers, we made it to the end of our program with over £50 collected. Thank you to everyone who came along on the day, to Nick for leading us, Aileen for booking the stage, our audience for cheering us on and to Edinburgh for being such a wonderful host city for talent from all over the globe. Who knows we may even make it back next year!