One Acchord is a Ladies A Cappella Chorus with a current membership of around 30.


We rehearse most Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm and

one Saturday afternoon a month at 1pm at:
Newtown St.Boswells Community Centre, Sprouston Road, Newtown St Boswells TD6 0QX


We are always welcoming new members!



Due to the ongoing concerns over the coronavirus the Open Day event below has been cancelled. We hope to welcome new members at a later date when things get back to normal for our chorus.

Open Day with One Acchord at Newtown Community Hall 1 - 4pm Saturday 14th March 2020

BGH Bake Sales Thursday 14th May 2020 from 9 - 4pm



Tesco line up nearly ready

Busking about to begin

Tesco line up

Tesco line up nearly ready

Tesco singing

Chorusing Christmas Carols

Margaret with One Acchord 14th birthday

14th Anniversary for One Acchord Chorus

14th birthday cake close up november 201

Grove House 6.6.18

Warming up in the evening sun for our Grove House singout

Grove House 6.6.18 JJJand G (1)

Looking smart in our new tops and scarves.

Grove House

Performance line up

Grove House

Time for a cuppa

Grove House

Our chorus take a break

Grove House

Smile folks, that's the style

Grove House here's to you_edited_edited

Here's to our new tops!

Surprise 70th MD style

Rocking the music shirt

Surprise 70th chorus with Nick

Surprise 70th left side chorus with Nick

Nick with left side chorus

Surprise 70th birthday girl Lynne and Maddie

That was unexpected!

Surprise 70th cake cutting

Fundraising at Ancrum Carboot Sale

Carboot in the sunshine at Ancrum

Fundraising at Selkirk Pop-up Shop

A wide variety of goods on offer at our recent Pop-up shop.

Dreamcatchers and Baking at Selkirk Pop-up Shop

Members of the chorus ready to serve.

Craftwork at Selkirk Pop-up Shop

Knitted toys at Selkirk Pop-up Shop

Jams and preserves Selkirk Pop-up Shop

BGH Bake Sale

Raising funds to enter the Labbs Competition in Harrogate

BGH Bake Sale

Members running the baking stall

Caddie Mann Christmas 4

Our Cheerful Christmas Chorus

Caddie Mann Christmas 3

Enjoying the evening

Caddie Mann Christmas 2

Party hats

Caddie Mann Christmas 16

Dinah and Bartje sing On the Road to Harrogate!

Caddie Mann Christmas 15

We're a couple of Swells

Caddie Mann Christmas 14

A song from the course at Traquair

Caddie Mann Christmas 13

Our first timer Anne makes her debut

Caddie Mann Christmas 11

Fun and friends

Caddie Mann Christmas 9

Eyes down for some Christmas Quizzing

Caddie Mann Christmas 17

An appreciative audience

Caddie Mann Christmas 6

Delightful desserts

Caddie Mann Christmas 8

Dive in Julie!

Caddie Mann Christmas 12

Dressing for the chocolate game

Caddie Mann Christmas

Basses sing Wandering Star with Nick as double bass

Caddie Mann Christmas

Hooty Oos sing Longest Time

Caddie Mann Christmas Meal

Party Hats

Caddie Mann Christmas

Baris sing Hoist up the John B Sail!

Caddie Mann Christmas

Anne's poem (see News page)

Galashiels Christmas Busking

Carol singing at Tesco

Galashiels Christmas Busking

Members in Festive attire

Galashiels Christmas Busking

Staying warm at the Interchange

Galashiels Christmas Busking

Gathering at the Fountain

Galashiels Christmas Busking

Festive smiles for Energise Galashiels

Galashiels Christmas Busking

Energise Galashiels Singing outside Old Post Office

Galashiels Christmas Busking

With a captive audience

Galashiels Xmas Singout in Community

Old Post Office Galashiels

Assembling in Parliament Square

Crowd introductions


Don't mean a Thing


Leads 2

Baris (2)





leads busking edinburgh




dividing the audience

audience participation

directing the tags

Well done audience

Busking Mercat Stage Edinburgh 2017

italian meal after busking

Stirling Coaching Day (2)

Arrival at Venue

Stirling Coaching Day (1)

Stunning in the sunshine

Coaching Weekend Stirling

Crossing the bridge to the venue

Stirling Coaching Day (3) (1)

Wallace Monument from the University Campus

Stirling Coaching Day (9)

Getting started

Stirling Coaching Day (34)

Leads in action

Stirling Coaching Day (8)

Warming up

Stirling Coaching Day (24)


Stirling Coaching Day (13) (1)

Stirling Coaching Day (5)

Stirling Coaching Day (78)

Both coaches getting their point across

Stirling Coaching Day (7)

"Lullabye" coaching from Mike with Tartan Harmony

Stirling Coaching Day (31)

"If I can Dream"

Stirling Coaching Day (82)

Coaches give their input to the combined chorus

Stirling Coaching Day (79)

Stirling Coaching Day (33)

Lots to think about

Stirling Coaching Day (69)

Stirling Coaching Day (29)

Working with the Leads

Stirling Coaching Day (50)


Stirling Coaching Day (27)

One Acchord and Tartan Harmony with coach David Sangster

Stirling Coaching Day (19)


Stirling Coaching Day (15)

David Sangster coaching "It don't mean a thing" inspiring us with new approaches

Stirling Coaching Day (20)

Basses with Leads

Stirling Coaching Day (74)

Stirling Coaching Day (38)

Stirling Coaching Day (71)

New friends

Stirling Coaching Day (10)

One Acchord performing

Stirling Coaching Day (16) (1)

Part of the chorus

Stirling Coaching Day (100)

Albacappella performing

Stirling Coaching Day (95)

Albacappella Chorus

Stirling Coaching Day (87)

Hootie'Oos entertaining us all

Stirling Coaching Day (90)

Tartan Harmony's quartet gaving a lively and entertaining performance of Elvis greatest hits

Stirling Coaching Weekend

Evening meal at the Jam Jar, Bridge of Allan

Stirling Coaching Weekend

Evening meal

Stirling Coaching Weekend

Relaxing and chilling

Stirling Coaching day

End of a long and busy day? but still able to sing our hearts out!

The Cobbles Kelso

After performance buffet supper

Queen's House Kelso

Queen's House Kelso

Choir responding to Nick's direction from behind the camera.

Queen's House Singout

Choir about to sing for Queen's House residents

Queen's House Singout

Choir outside Queen's House May 24th 2017

Yetholm Rural Concert 1

Yetholm Rural Concert 2

Warm up before MusicAid Concert

North Parish Church Kelso

On stage for MusicAid Concert

North Parish Church Kelso

Chorus 2016

Duns Castle 2015

Exchange Weekend

Coaching with Nick

Coaches Lucy and Nick

Exchange Weekend

Exchange Weekend

St Boswells Village Hall

Exchange Weekend

After Glow at the Buccleuch

Spirit of the South with Piper

Exchange Weekend Chorus Spirit of the South surprised by piper

Exchange Weekend June 2016

One Acchord and Spirit of the South with Piper

Sing Out at Knowesouth 2016

Cup of Tea at Born in the Borders

After Sing Out at Knowesouth

Arthritis Concert - 2015

Sing Out at Knowesouth

Chorus 2015

Chorus Archive

Coaching Weekend 2014

Chorus 2015

Arthritis Concert 2015

Chorus Archive

Crossing Borders 2015

Exchange Weekend at Portsmouth with Spirit of the South

10th Anniversary Celebration

With current MD Nick Drew and first MD Nancy Chapman

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